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Edgardo Donovan (a.k.a. Eddie Donovan and Edgar Donovan)

I was born in Milan, attended elementary school in the United States, and attended high school at the Liceo G. Nolfi in Italy. I returned to the United States to attend Boston University and subsequently Harvard University. I hold an Associates of Science Degree in Communications Technology from the Community College of the Air Force (Montgomery, Alabama), a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from Excelsior College (Albany, New York), and a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Touro College (New York, New York).

The following is a pictorial overview of where my life has taken me:

I was born on May 25th in Milan, Italy at 12:20 PM (14:20).
Milan is a very beautiful city. It is Italy's financial center as well as the world's fashion capital. Although I only lived there for three years I still consider it as my hometown.

When I was three years old my family moved to the city of Torino, Italy's automotive capital, for a little over a year.

At the time my father was an executive for FIAT the famous Italian automotive company. My family moved around a lot during my early years. In 1977 we moved to South Africa for part of the year alternating between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

We also took the opportunity to go stay with our family in Australia that same year.

In 1978 we travelled a lot between Johannesburg, Torino, and Detroit. Detroit is the city of my paternal grand-father. I always enjoyed visiting there.

In 1979 we moved to the United States where I began my elementary school education in Mahwah, New Jersey half an hour away from New York City. When I was off school we would spend the summers in Italy.

After living in the United States into my early teens, I returned to Italy in 1987 to live in Fano (PS). Fano is a beautiful ancient city on Italy's sunny adriatic coast. I try to get back as much as possible since my family still lives there.

Asides from travelling to the States, I spent part of the summer of 1991 in Paris, France staying with some friends.

Asides from travelling to the States, I spent part of the summer of 1992 in Amsterdam, Netherlands staying with some friends.

Asides from travelling to the States, I spent part of the summer of 1993 in Munich, Germany staying with some friends.

After completing high school in Italy in 1993, I decided to leave my family and return to the USA. Due to its dynamic, forward looking, and practical culture, the USA and especially Boston is a great place to begin building the foundation for a successful adult life. During these years learned a lot since I was able to take advantage of the fact that Boston is a city rich in educational and professional opportunities.

The new millenium brought its share of changes for me as I found myself moving to Dublin, Ireland. Asides from being the homeland of my great-great-grandfather, Ireland is an extremely beautiful country. It was a very exciting place to work in given the economic boom I experienced while living there.

During 2000 I also lived in Brazil for part of the year. Asides from being my wife's country of origin, Brazil is an incredibly beautiful country. Brazilians are some of the nicest and festive people on earth.

During 2000-2001 I lived in Boca Raton, Florida. It is a very charming coastal town 35 minutes from Miami and 10 minutes from West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale respectively.

In 2001 I moved back to Boston. I owe a lot of good fortune to Boston. It was where years earlier I met my wife. We got got married there the following year.

A horrible day which affected us all. I interviewed for a Webmaster position at Empire Health which operated out of the North Tower at the World Trade Center in late July 2001. Not being offered the job was a blessing in disguise.

During 2003-2004 I lived in San Antonio, Texas for a few months. I found the honest common-sense-tell-it-like-it-is-attitude there really refreshing. The city is very pretty. The "Alamo" and the "Riverwalk" are must-sees.

During 2004-2005 I lived in Monterey, California a few hours south of San Francisco. By doing so I fulfilled a lifelong dream of experiencing living in California. Monterey is the setting of John Steinbeck's renowned novel "Cannery Row". In it he vividly describes Monterey's wild and majestic coastline which is truly unique in the world. If the weather there were a bit warmer Monterey would truly be paradise. I look forward to returning there one day.

For the greater part of 2005 I lived in San Angelo deep in the heart of Texas three and half hours north-west of San Antonio. San Angelo is the quintessential American town. The first impact friendliness and civility of its people is unparalleled anywhere in the world. This is probably the best place in America if you like eating steak.

Between 2005-2007 I lived in Augusta, Georgia in the vicinity of Atlanta. The weather was great and the people were very courteous. I really enjoyed living there. I made a few good friends and many great memories.

In 2007 I lived in Montgomery, Alabama for a brief period. Like Augusta, Montgomery is blessed by hot southern weather and the gracious hospitality of its people.

After the heat of Montgomery, Alabama I lived 6 months in cooler Wichita Falls, Texas. This town was booming a hundred years ago and has settled down since then. I have fond memories of going on long walks by the waterfalls pictured above as well as many day trips to Dallas and Oklahoma City which were relatively close by.

During the end of 2007 I returned to San Antonio, Texas. I have always had a special feeling about San Antonio ever since my first arrival here years ago. That time marked the onset of many positive profound changes in my life. This is a great forward looking growing city with a bright future ahead of it. I love it here and I hope to live here for as long as fate will let me.

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