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The following are musical samples some made possible by friends and acquaintances representing a wide variety of genres.

Borghetti Bugaron Band
Led by frontman Nicola Gaggi the Borghetti Bugaron Band has been playing together since the late 1980's in various forms. They have been influenced by Italian and English rock of the 60's, 70's and 80's but started performing in their unique local Italian dialect known as "Fanese" after the new millenium. They represent an interesting fusion of Italian folk music, rock, pop, and easy listening music.
Please listen to:
  • El Calig
  • No Sin Acsi
  • Vent'Ann
  • Lj e El Can
  • Luna Traditora
  • Non Me Ste Per L'Ai
  • L'Atletico
  • Spa
  • So Git al Cuncert de Paolo Conte
  • El Post de D'La
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    Cute-Old-Fish was led by vocalist Terence Todaro and guitarist Alex Savelli during the heyday of the Seattle Grunge years of the early 90's when many bands were experimenting with a mixture of hard rock, funk, and rap while trying to deliver a raw but still technically captivating sound.
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  • Hard Times
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    Daege was formed by Eddie Donovan and Aimone Romeo in 1990 as a prank. Anthony Collard later joined the band in 1993 for Daege's final album "El Baffo - Volume II". Almost their entire production was about "El Baffo": a somewhat devious personality based on a true story. The language is crude but serves to reinforce the absurd comicity of most of the songs that are in the form of prank phone calls, mock interviews, and Weird Al Yankovic-esque cover renditions.
    Contiene linguaggio non consigliabile ai minori di 17 anni. Album burlesco con scherzi telefonici, cover, interviste comiche, e musica originale che prende in giro un strano personaggio di nome "Baffo" basato su fatti veri.
    Please listen to:
    Volume I
  • L'intervista
  • Il Furto
  • Knocking Intro
  • Knocking Baffo
  • Come Telefonare
  • Radio Baffo
  • BaffMan
  • La Confessione del Baffo
  • El Baffo
  • Fire
  • Eddie Outake 1
  • Eddie Outake 2
  • Il Furto Breve
  • Passa in Via Malvezzi
  • Dedica
  • Daege Live Amsterdam, Netherlands 1992
  • Scherzo Telefonico 1
  • Scherzo Telefonico 2
  • Scherzo Telefonico Remix
    Volume II
  • Baffo London, England Interview
  • Baffo Paris, France Interview
  • Daniel Not at Home
  • Donno Aristea Interview
  • Jammin' with Daniel
  • Rocco Mattioli Interview
  • Daege Live Boston, USA 1993
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    Eddie Donovan
    Although Eddie has been playing piano/keyboards since he was a child and guitar since he was a late teen he has few recordings. This first three pieces are simple guitar/keyboard cuts recorded in Boston in 1995. They are unstructured introspective pieces. It is typical of the type of music one improvises when playing becomes a form of relaxation and nothing more. The fourth piece was recorded in Amsterdam in 1991. It is a piano/guitar/group singing performance for a prank style cover comedy song.
    Please listen to:
  • Escape - Part I
  • Escape - Part II
  • Escape "Complete" Best Keyboards in Instrumental Rock Award Weeks of August 15-22, 2005
  • Il Furto del Baffo - Live in Amsterdam
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    Mario Magnotta
    This is probably one of the best prank phone calls in history. During the 1980's Mario Magnotta a resident of Aquila, Italy received over a month's worth of weekly and sometimes daily prank calls. Unbeknownst to him. the prank caller was not really the principal of the company that sold him a washing machine 5 years earlier. The prank caller attempts to harass Mr. Magnotta into buying another washing machine telling him that he had signed a contract years earlier upon his last purchase binding him to do so. For over a month he tries to camly explain his side of the story and talk his way out of the ordeal. This last recorded call where he completely loses it and succumbs to less refined ways of argueing his position is by far the most comical segment of this four part series.
    Contiene linguaggio non consigliabile ai minori di 17 anni. La registrazione reperibile in basso sara' sicuramente ricordata come il piu' grande scherzo telefonico della storia. Durante gli anni 80' una persona ignota (abruzzese abitante dell'Aquila) telefono' la casa di un certo signor Mario Magnotta per circa un mese presentandosi come il proprietario della ditta che gli vendette una lavatrice molti anni nel passato. Durante le varie conversazioni, questo signore insiste che Magnotta ha firmato un contratto obbligandolo a comprare un'altra lavatrice. Magnotta ci casca e cercha di spiegare le sua versione dei fatti serenamente. Successivamente soccombe a maniere "piu forti" nell'esprimersi.

    Please listen to:
  • Magnotta Lavatrice 1
  • Magnotta Lavatrice 2
  • Magnotta Lavatrice 3
  • Magnotta Lavatrice 4
  • Magnotta Remix
  • Magnotta House
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    Mindface is a great band from northern New Jersey. It is hard to define the unique sound of this band but one can make an argument that influences of the Grateful Dead, funk, folk, jazz, classic rock, and broadway can be heard in their music.
    Please listen to:
  • Beam
  • Beaulah
  • Day Moon
  • Doctors Hat
  • Flip Jax
  • Nogales
  • No Need
  • Pen Pal
  • Second Time Around
  • Vacation Song
  • We Are All We See
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    Pelican Milk
    The British/Italian band Pelican Milk was formed in 1999 by Terence Todaro, Simon Painter, and Alex Savelli. They released their third album in 2004. They are an eclectic mix of hard rock, grunge, classic rock, jazz, folk, and psychedelic music.

    Please listen to:
  • After Python - The End
  • American Way
  • Another Way
  • Days
  • Feel So And So
  • Follia
  • Jhonny
  • Miles Away From Me
  • One Minute One
  • Pretty Lazy
  • Rosita
  • The Secret
  • See You Later
  • Sheep Like Zing
  • South Enough
  • Sowego
  • Sowego Promo Video
  • The House We Lived In
  • Then the Sleepy River Met Water Falls…
  • Welcome
  • When Freedom Shows Itself
  • You Dont Know Me You Do
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    Augusto Vagnini
    Augusto Vagnini is from Isola del Piano (PS) - Italy. He earned a doctorate degree in violin from the "Conservatorio Statale di Musica" of Pesaro while being un understudy of A. Bigonzi. He has studied piano jazz with M. Melillo. He is a violinist, jazz pianist, and SIAE licensed composer. He has performed in many jazz and chamber ensembles including the "Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana" and the "Vittorio Gennari Quintet".
    Please listen to:
  • Agnus Dei
  • Agnus Dei Alternative
  • Astratto
  • Gloria
  • Kyrie
  • Sanctus Benedictus
  • The Day After
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